Анализ на егоориентацията и колективната ориентация на състезатели по баскетбол

Милена Алексиева, Данаил Киров


The training and competition activity determines the requirements for the mental adaptation in the specific type of sport related to the person’s ability for dynamic self-regulation. The purpose of this survey is to explore and compare the ego-orientation and the collective orientation of basketball players and its main task is to outline the differences in orientation among participants in 3 x 3 Basketball tournaments and professional basketball players. The object of the study is the basketball game. The subject of the study is the signs characterizing ego-orientation and collective orientation in basketball players. Contingent of the study are 45 participants in 3 x 3 Basketball tournaments and 46 competitors from professional basketball clubs from Yambol BC – Yambol, Shoumen – Shoumen and Beroe – St. Zagora, BC Lokomotiv – St. Zagora Based on this study are defined the profiles of the basketball players 3x3 and the professional players 5x5, as well as defining their characteristics.

Ключови думи:

3 x 3 basketball, 5 x 5 basketball, profile, ego, team, motivation.


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