Проучване мнението на треньорите по баскетбол по отношение планирането на годишната спортна подготовка на млади играчи

Марияна Борукова, Явор Аспарухов НСА „Васил Левски“, България

Страници: 97-102


The continuous young basketball players’ sports preparation undergoes several stages, featuring their own specific methodological and organizational characteristics. Young players’ development is related to the dynamics of training influences and their planning in the course of sports preparation. Each stage of sports preparation requires a proper distribution of the number of hours aimed at development of motor qualities (general and special), of technical and tactical skills and habits, as well as play preparation (the play during training, control and calendar games). Their distribution is subjected to certain regularities such as age, stage of preparation, qualification of the players. The aim of the present study is to survey the opinion of sports specialists in the field of basketball about planning the training process and the proportion of the different parts of the preparation when working with young basketball players. The results were processed with analysis of frequencies. According to the general conclusions drawn, in the majority of the responses the coaches’ opinions coincide. There are certain dubieties and differences regarding their knowledge about the percentage distribution and proportion of the different parts of the sports preparation during each stage. However, we believe that every coach’s responses were based on the age group they are working with and this is the reason for the differences in the obtained results.

Ключови думи:

basketball, planning, sports preparation, young players.


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