Приоритетите на отговорното родителство за възпитаване на социално уверено дете

Петя Конакчиева

Страници: 21-40


The study is devoted to a contemporary issue important for the theory and practice of contemporary preschool education: raising social confidence in childhood. The research interest in the issue is related to the need to achieve a partnership between the subjects responsible for the socialization of the growing individualities. In this contemporary research field, the purpose of the research, i.e. the disclosure of the priorities of modern parents related to the raising of socially confident children, is also included. It is assumed that by exploring, analyzing, and defining the parental vision for children’s development and by registering family-significant practices of positive support for socially confident behaviour, it is possible to reveal reserves for developing collaborative programmes aimed at the timely manifestation and direction of the successful social adaptation of developing personalities. The survey was conducted in the form of a written survey. The representativeness of the sample is guaranteed by the number of people surveyed: 247 parents from different Bulgarian settlements. The scientific novelty of the work was projected into the following results: revealing the meaningful aspects of the parental vision for child development and the instrumental resource of family education to promote children’s social confidence; establishing the parental competence of parents to positively support the children’s social and personal development; outlining supports for the achievement of partner interaction between pre-school educational institutions and families in formulating joint goals to ensure successful social adaptation; drawing current problem areas for pedagogical counselling.

Ключови думи:

Priorities for raising socially confident children, vision for development, instrumental resource to promote social confidence, educational competence of parents.


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