Възможности за приложение на интерактивните методи при работа с художествен текст чрез обучението по литература (1.–4. клас)

Даниела Йорданова


The article presents possibilities for studying fiction text in 1.– 4. grade through groups of interactive methods: for games and presentations, for collecting information, situational, for generation and creative aggregation of ideas, for discussions. These methods are directed to develop cognitive reading and understanding skills, oriented to search and extract specific information; to make direct statements; to interpretate and aggregate facts and ideas; to analyze and evaluate the content, language and structure of the text. I support the understanding that every kind of understanding in reading fiction text has its own manifestations associated with both genre differentiation and general genre elements such as theme, idea, story, composition, problems, literary hero, artistic language.

Ключови думи:

opportunities, interactive methods, literature, training, fiction text, reading, understanding, 1.–4. grade.


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