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Здравеопазването в Бургас (1878 – 1900 г.)

Георги Дракалиев


Following the Liberation from Ottoman rule, Burgas was a small town with population of 3000 people. The city remained within the newly created Eastern Rumelia Autonomous Region. There was no hospital, only one private doctor’s practice for all residents. One of the first concerns that the newly established municipal government addressed was the health care issue in the city. At first building a hospital and then looking for a doctor to be appointed as the city’s main doctor. After the unification of Bulgaria, the hospital maintenance became an entirely municipal responsibility. The city council granted each year funds for it, as well as for the salary of the doctor in charge. There was a private midwife and one pharmacy in the city. After a long struggle with state authorities, it was finally allowed to open a second one. At the end of the century a decision was made to build a new modern hospital. With the decisive financial support of the state, it was built and opened at the very beginning of the next century.

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Burgas, healthcare, city council, city doctor, hospital.


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