Няколко документа от фонда на Културно-просветно дружество „Тракия“ – Тополовград, свързани с националноосвободителното движение на тракийските българи

Станислав Иванов


The current publication presents five documents from the archive of the Cultural and education society “Trakiya” – Topolovgrad, preserved in the State Archive – Yambol (Fund 889 – Cultural and education society “Trakiya” – Topolovgrad), with some additional information about the national liberation movement of the Thracian Bulgarians in the early 20th century. The published documents contain evidence for the revolutionary activities of some IMARO leaders – Hristo Arnaudov, Apostol Dogramadjiev, Boyko Chavdarov and Dimitar Madjarov.

Ключови думи:

national liberation movement, Thracian Bulgarians, IMARO, Cultual and education society “Trakiya”.


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