Varia: Един друг вид трансгранична журналистика – представяне на журналистическия опит от блога „Мостът на приятелството“

Владимир Митев


This publication examines the notion of ‘cross-border journalism’ in its western form. It also attempts to present an alternative cross-border journalism based on the experience of the author with the Romanian-Bulgarian “The Bridge of Friendship” blog and the impressions received from other Bulgarian cross-border websites. The international brand of cross-border journalism is used for investigations – such as “The Panama Papers” – which involve the cooperation of journalists from various countries. The kind of cross-border journalism found in the “Bridge of Friendship” blog is both local and regional. It does not have an investigative element but it tries to bring about change through the mutual knowledge and understanding of Romanians and Bulgarians. It defines a Bulgarian-Romanian point of view of the world and presents the common Romanian-Bulgarian spaces in politics, economy and culture.

Ключови думи:

cross-border journalism, Romania, Bulgaria, EU public space, common spaces.


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