Отношенията ПР – журналистика: между хегемонията на пиара и взаимната колонизация

Иво Инджов


The study is an overview of the journalism – PR relationship at the terminological, theoretical and empirical-analytical levels. It traces the current state of the discussion of these relations in advanced media democracies such as Germany, with additional examples from the Anglo-Saxon countries, and draws some parallels with Bulgarian reality. The emphasis of the study is on what is occurring in journalism, without underestimating the importance of the appropriate partnership between the two actors. The thesis, which is proven in the course of the analysis, is that journalism and PR are doomed to mutual colonization which takesplace in the climate of PR hegemony and deepens with the development of digitalization.

Ключови думи:

Journalism, media, PR, public relations, hegemony, colonization, digitization.


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Bulgaria / Europe / France / Germany / Sweden / Ukraine / United States