Изследване на възможностите за повишаване персонализацията на обучението в средното училище чрез използване на ИКТ

Цони Чотов Доника Вълчева


The paper discusses the opportunities to improve the personalization of the education through the use of ICT. One approach to achieve this by providing appropriate learning materials, depending on the individual learning of each student is suggested. Two different theories for determining the individual learning styles are presented and the appropriate ICT educational technologies for each style are defined. Also an experiment with the 10th grade students at Georgi Karavelov Secondary School in Shivachevo, Sliven for defining their individual learning style was provided and the results are analyzed. In addition an investigation of the possibility to apply ICT educational technologies among the students from 9 to 12 grades in Information Technology at Georgi Karavelov Secondary School in Shivachevo is discussed.

Ключови думи:

personalization, learning style, ICT educational technology.


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