Societas Classica

Societas Classica, 2019 / Volume 10 / Issue 1

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The Legend of Phyllis: Ancient Text in Renaissance Context
Vanya Lozanova-Stancheva

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Are Roman Popular Assemblies Democratic? Some Arguments against Polybius
Aleksandra Dimitrova

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The Penetration of the Christianity in Diocleatianopolis
Violina Traycheva

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Close-kin Marriages in Menander
Daniela Tosheva

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Translation from Greek Language of Historical Cultural Speciifics
Dimitrios Roumpos

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The Culture of the National in the Political Discourse of Modern Greece
Kristina Simeonova

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About the Word "Havra" in Bulgarian, Greek and Russian Language
Emiliya Avginova-Nikolova

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Characteristic Features of Chinese Tang Culture
Iskra Mandova

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The Japanese Ta- Form Past Tense of Perfective Aspect
Militsa Mineva

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Japan in the 1980's
Katya Marinova

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Западните интерпретации на "Джуандзъ"
Desislava Damyanova

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The Main Motives on Scenes of Mesopotamian Uruk Cylinder Seals
Yoanna Dyulgerska

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Ideology of Augustus Embodied By the Images in the Temple of Mars Ultor
Liliya Kyurkchiyska

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Bulgarian-Pashto Cognates. Analysis of their Meaning and Origin
Ivan T. Ivanov Mariana Minkova

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On the Origin of the Name Kazanlak and the Location of the Town Kran
Mariana Minkova Ivan T. Ivanov

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