Скулптурата и нейната среда – зависимости в контекста на откритите пространства в българската симпозиумна практика.

Панчо Куртев


The paper discusses the relations between the sculpture (the artwork) and the environment in the context of Bulgarian sculpture symposium with accent on its spatial and thematic conditions. The lack of thorough analyses, hence of established traditions, practices and experience, makes it a problem of present interest requiring profound exploration. The research broadens the limits of perception and differentiation of open spaces. The modern sculpture is not an isolated piece of art but a particularly behaved part of the environment. The paper analyses real-life examples based on the formal problem in a specific situation. Led out of the exhibition room, the sculpture adopts a new meaning. It is now an artwork in a dynamic interaction with its environment, designed to take its righteous place as a form and an element in a given space. The environment is defined as an organic entity in which different elements are integrated. Analysing and knowing this synthesis would help avoid the purely intuitive positioning of the sculpture in a specific space just as a decoration or another element of an unclear purpose.

Ключови думи:

interaction, form, environment, symposium.


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