Творческият акт при деца от начална, предучилищна и училищна възраст

Гергана Пенова


Imagination is the beginning of every creative work, irrespective of the age. Children’s creativity is an impulse born by the desire to understand the world as it is and as the child wants it to be. Creative work is conditioned not only by mind and thought, but also by intuition, emotions, temperament and feelings. Various approaches are applied in defining creative power. It is simultaneously a product, a process and a set of personal characteristics, which should be considered as a union in order to understand and define creativity. This paper examines the creative process with children of various ages. It analyses the results of a survey made among the parents of children with established creative skills, regarding their motivation in seeking a professional to work with their children outside the school environment.

Ключови думи:

creativity, imagination, stages of development, fine arts, creativity, approaches.


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