Обекти от съвременното изкуство между изящното и приложното

Моника Найденова


Where is today’s boundary between fine and applied art? Divide the works into categories or put everything in a contemporary art. Today’s postmodern society has long destroyed the border between fine, applied, craft and modern technology. The context in which she is living determines the classification of the work. When the utilitarian objects of our daily life are deprived of our function and represented as sculptural objects, for example, does our attitude change to them? The real thing is transformed into an artistic one by changing its function. Does this freedom of expression make us freer artists or feel dissatisfied with the fact that everything is exhausted. Looking for our personal identification, do we bring our ideas as authors to the end? Jump over into new experiments where the combination of design, craft, technology, and contemporary attitude for creative work is a kind of natural process in which we are all involved.

Ключови думи:

contemporary arts; mass culture; art work.


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