От занаята към изкуството. Формата на гривната – резултат от взаимодействието между материал, форма, функция

Евгения Цанкова


The focus of this article is on the new, rethinking of the shape of the bangle, as a logical consequence of the material structure, process, and purpose for which it was created. The bangle should be defined not only as a jewel (something for decoration), but as a reasoned plastic shape for a particular environment. By examining the jewelry in our time, we can claim that it is a well-defined plastic form free from any limitations of the craft. Based on goldsmithing, using new technologies and materials, the designers reach a variety of end-to-end solutions. The main groups of bangles are categorized; the basic criteria needed for different types of them are described; the results of the comparative analysis are summarized.

Ключови думи:

bangle; function; jewelry; craft; design.


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