Видове рисунки в Италианския Ренесанс. Предпоставки за трансформиране на рисунката в автономна художествена творба

Екатерина Иванова


At the end of the XIV and beginning of the XV century the painting is still a preparatory stage towards the easel or fresco picturesque painting. Depending on the purpose of the author we can distinguish types of preparatory drawings – study, sketch, painting models, cardboard, etc., whose role as a stage is limited to the final realization of the idea through pictorial means of expression. In parallel, we observe yet another type of drawings (animalistic, landscapes, portraits, paintings for collectors of this art division) whose function and purpose is largely independent of pictorial paintings. In this report we look at the stylistic, functional changes in the nature of the painting, which contribute to the gradual formation and perception as an autonomous copyrighted work.

Ключови думи:

Renaissance, painting, preparation stage, autonomous (independent) artistic work.


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