Магическо Пространство Тангра – актът на прозрение в изкуството на Веселин Димов

Гълъбин Христов


The artist Vesselin Dimov says that we have two ways to describe the World – through images in the art, or through mathematical models in the science. The contemporary art creates new images, ideas and objects in the world using models, practices and technologies of the science or at least it is strongly influenced by the discoveries in science. Today, in the information age, through total media, the art and the technology constitute two sides of the same cognitive process – having same vision and life. The Installation “Tangra Magic Space” is a search that follows exactly this direction, combining the science and the art.

Ключови думи:

“Tangra Magic Space, Vesselin Dimov, Installation, avanguard, science.


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