Впечатленията на Льо Корбюзие от България в „Пътуване на изток“

Малвина Русева


This essay presents the observations of the young architect Le Corbusier from Bulgaria during his trip to the Balkans in 1911, and in particular from Veliko Tarnovo. The one chapter in his travel diary dedicated to a Bulgarian town is named “Turnovo” and describes with both text and illustrations his admiration for the town and its citizens. This essay makes accessible to the Bulgarian reader specific excerpts from Le Corbusier’s text. It also highlights the impact Le Corbusier’s trip to the Balkans had on his artistic and spiritual development. I have translated the cited passages from the English translation of Le Corbusier’s travel diary, “Journey to the East” (MIT Press, 2007).

Ключови думи:

architecture, „Turnovo”, development, Le Corbusier, travel diary.


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