Монументални скални изображения от мегалитни светилища на Балканите

Васил Марков


The presence of monumental rock images in the megalithic and rock-cut sanctuaries in the Bulgarian lands has long been known. They are also known from different regions of the planet. Too old is the discussion: there is works coming from the play of natural forces, or they are images made by human hands. About this the opinions are strongly polarized. The main question is: did the ancient have seen sacred images in these monumental rock images and what can be our arguments „for” and „against” this thesis? In the study are presented monumental images from rock sanctuaries from Pirin, Rila, the Rhodopes, as well as from the region of Prilep, Macedonia.

Ключови думи:

monumental rock images, megalithic and rock-cut sanctuaries, sacred images, sacred monuments, Balkans.


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