Творческата реализация на Васил Стоилов в периода 1927–1929 г.

Галина Цветкова


This research is based on new sources and it visualizes the earliest creative period of Vasil Stoylov (1904–1990) – since his graduation from The Arts Academy in 1927 to his departure to Paris in 1929. His first participations and exhibitions are systemized. The names and number of the presented works are figured out. The main purpose and insight of the important for this period work “GOSTENKA”(“GUEST”) is evident thanks to unique personal analyses of the prototype of the painting. The original fragment of the work “PROSYAK” (“BEGGER”) that had disappeared is has been identified. Periodical works are also being analyzed. The early creative success of the artist has been investigated and proved.

Ключови думи:

earliest creative period, Vasil Stoylov, prototype, fragment, “GOSTENKA”, “PROSYAK”.


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