Интермедия – (не само) визуалното в хипертекста на съвременното изкуство

Младен Младенов


The article presents some historical and theoretical aspects defining intermedia as an aesthetic, cultural and social phenomenon. Its appearance in the 1950s and 1960s was triggered by the changed attitude towards art in the conditions of growing technology in society and the blurring of boundaries between different arts. The concept of intermedia is created by a group of artists who unite under the common name Fluxus, meaning „ flow of life“. Group Manifesto – Dick Higgins, composer, poet, publisher - formulates intermedia as a merger into a „ flow“ of different ways of artistic expression and means of communication. The most important distinctive features of intermedia – accessibility, non-commerciality, freedom, social engagement, compliance of modern lifestyle and the new media in it are traced. It explains the role of this aesthetic practice as an instrument in creating the hypertext of contemporary art.

Ключови думи:

Intermedia, Visual Text, Hypertext of Contemporary Art, Conceptual Art, Aesthetic Experiment


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