Библейските послания във витражите на Марк Шагал

Мая Димчева


Marc Chagall is a multifaceted, ever-searching creative person; he is both a poet and a dreamer, an artist who to the rest of his life has enviable work capacity. As his contemporaries define him. Today, he is perceived as one of the few artists of the 20th century who harmonize the differences between religious communities and ideologies as well as between ideologies in art. The culture of his homeland, his childhood, the dramatic events surrounding the war and the revolution remain lasting marks in his work. Inspired by “Bible poetry“, Chagall manages to recreate Biblical themes and stories in original ways, both in his paintings and illustrations, and in the stained glass witch he created during the last thirty years of his life. Through them he conceives all-human meaningful values, simultaneously revealing a fairy-tale and magical world, a world that is unique and inimitable to Chagall’s art.

Ключови думи:

stained glass, Bible, theme, storyline, illustration, painting


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