Резбарски творби в свищовските храмове „Св. Димитър“ и „Св. ап. Петър и Павел“

Симеон Захариев


The subject of this text are the altar doors of the iconostasis in the temple “St. Dimitar” and the iconostasis at the temple “St. app. Peter and Paul” in Svishtov. Literary sources, field studies, and comparative material from other carvings give us reason to make suggest about the possible dating and attributing. It can be assumed that the woodcarving of the iconostasis in the church “St. app. Peter and Paul” in Svishtov is a work of carvers from the group of Georgi from Vidin. The work was created in the first half of the 19th century. Perhaps at the same time was made the holy gates of the altar of the other Svishtov church “St. Dimitar”.

Ключови думи:

altar doors, iconostasis, temple, carvings, woodcarving, of Georgi from Vidin, 19th century, churches “St. Dimitar” and “St. app. Peter and Paul” in Svishtov


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