„Ново изкуство“ и „Ново училище“. (Из списание „Ново училище“ от 1910 г.)

Марина Теофилова


At the beginning of the ХХ century many international organizations of fine arts teachers and conducting a number of scientific conferences and congresses were set up, with prominent pedagogues, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, artists and artists. This is the time when the International Society for Education through Art, which traditionally holds four-yearly international congresses dedicated to aesthetic education and the place of artwork in school. The magazine “New School”, published in the period 1910–1914, reflects the most progressive views about the time associated with the idea of a future ideal school and aesthetic education. The reading of the 1910 issue is curious in the light of the distance of more than a century. That is why the actuality and the possible references to the modern school provoke logical conclusions and reflections on the processes and directions of the artistic education today.

Ключови думи:

school, fine art, art education, painting


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