Четейки „Скопичните режими на модерността“ на Мартин Джей

Вяра Попова


The work builds on Martin Jane’s text “Skopic Regimes of Modernity” and follows the set rhythm. Text has a fund of physical, physiological, psychological, artistic, and artistic knowledge as a broad culturalgnoseological network of information tendentiously put into the notes; it produces a resource for constantly correlating meaningfully and referring to it focuses on their own visual research issues. In this way, it can bring the vision of a dominant sense to perception in no way as conception, presentation, understanding of reality, and the way this visual perception is expressed in the Italian Renaissance painting and in the Flemish one from the 17th century.

Ключови думи:

Skopic regimes occulrocentric, Visual Subcultures, Italian Renaissance painting, Flemish painting of the 17th century, Svetlana Alpers, Physical Light Theory: Wave and Corpuscular, Newton, Descartes, Theories of Color, Goethe, Color Science, Psychology of Color Perception, perspective, picturesque color, camera obscura


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