Визуалният шум като живописен метод. Опит за манифест

Богдан Александров


In the era of image, painting loses its privileged position on the typological scale of visual arts. The horizontal leveled order changes essentially its coordinates to transform them into a media, equivalent to visual arts based on technology and/or time. The change does not happen without resistance. We find traces and testimonies of the desire to preserve the “self-centered” memory of the ever-prevailing painting in the attributed elements of initially considered to be her denials – photography and digital arts. We are witnessing a strange paradox – in an attempt to preserve itsclaiming perfection nature, painting recognizes the inherentin technology imperfections. The report discusses the visual noise as a possible painting method, demonstrated in the author’s artistic practice and specifically stated in several cycles of works, presented at four exhibitions.

Ключови думи:

visual noise, painting, portrait


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Bulgaria / China / Cote D'Ivoire / Germany / Russian Federation / Turkey / United Kingdom / United States