Художникът като публицист. Фейлетоните на Борис Денев

Мирослава Георгиева


Boris Denev (1883–1969), one of the most eminent Bulgarian artists is known to the general public not only with his art but with his interest in music and aviation too. It is known that in 1905 as a young teacher he published a paper entitled “Painting in primary school”. It laid the beginning of another study – publicity. The artist writes for the press, especially for two daily papers in the capital – “Zora“ and “Slovo’’ (1936–1943). These feuilletons cause his detention in 1944 and give an occasion for the artist’s interdiction to paint in open air as the artist himself writes in his autobiography. Essential subjects in Denev’s publications are all spheres of social life whereas the wars – passed and coming take important place. In his feuilletons he deals with all kinds of art. These materials are of great importance as historical evidence. There we discover the origin of problems that even today could not find resolve. The artist however leaves his vision about possible solutions. Based on understanding and tolerance it might be an example now that the great artist could belong to every age.

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Boris Denev, publicity, artist, “Zora”, “Slovo”, feuilletons


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