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Инструмент и форма (I). Някои наблюдения върху графичния дизайн в контекста на съвременната визуална комуникация и култура. Опит за кратко обобщение и систематизиране

Борислав Александров

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Nowadays, within just one generation digital technologies have revolutionized visual communication – from the process/the act of creating a “message”, through the communication channels to the “addressees”, to the interaction with the viewer-participant in this ancient civilization process. As an important component of “communicating through images”, strong impetus was given to traditional technologies and media. Meanwhile, multimedia and the Internet emerged and have quickly developed. It can be said that Internet is a factor transforming almost every aspect of modern culture. This report will attempt to present a small part of my observations (as part of the generation that was witness and process participant) for about twenty years, and mostly in the field of graphic design as an important “forming factor” in visual communication. Due to the wide range, and varied forms of graphic design, I‘ll focus on (and only on some aspects of) my creative experience and my observations in: • The transformations in typography and fonts development; • The forms combining text and graphics / photography (book, publication, page etc.); • Some multidisciplinary aspects of the graphic design. Also I will share some conclusions from my observations.

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visual communication, graphic design, font, typography, multimedia, multidisciplinarity


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