Спецификация и основни параметри за качество на хартията

Деница Иванова-Александрова


The paper pulp and the product created by it are characterized by specific parameters, categorizing the type and the different purpose of the paper and the cardboard. The composition of used ingredients, which, depending on the species and percentage ratio of the individual components, creates high-quality papers, more specialized for printing traditional and digital graphics or lower quality papers intended for domestic, mass use (books, newspapers, magazines, promotional materials, etc.). Basically, the raw materials used for paper production and at the same time responsible for the individual characteristics of the product can be divided into four groups: fibrous material, binders, fillers and colorants. Thanks to their qualitative and quantitative composition, specific physical characteristics are distinguished, determining the surface of the paper (appearance), its opacity or transparency, strength, weight and thickness, grain, aging. The report concerns precisely the specification and quality parameters that give an individual look to the different types of paper and cardboard.

Ключови думи:

paper, raw materials, composition, specification, quality parameters


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