Мотиви и символи във възрожденския иконостас

Валентин Ангелов


The church woodcarving of Bulgarian National Revival period surprises with many mythological creatures: winged dragons, monstrous snakes, strange birds and zoomorphic hybrids. What is the meaning of these woodcarving figures on the orthodox iconostasis? The author is searching the answer for all these mythological and folklore influences on the church iconostasis. These chtonic creatures express pagan and folklore anachronism. Some of them are magical quardian of altar holy gate, the Crucifix and acroterion. Other are allegorical figures of fecundity and also symbols of vegetation and ever blossoming nature. The church is not in opposition against that paganism. For the clergy this folklore Christianity is only the way for survival of Bulgarian folk under the attempts of Turkish spiritual assimilation.

Ключови думи:

church iconostasis, folklore anachronism, paganism in church woodcarving, folklore Christianity


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