Исследование профессионального выгорания и копинг-стратегий у работников промышленных предприятий

Алла Мельникова Татьяна Короткина


The relevance of studying of professional burning out at the staff of various organizations is defined by prevalence and negative impact of this syndrome on full and productive activity not only employees, but also the organizations in general. Respectively, the research of such phenomenon as professional burning out, is an important factor of optimization of the social and labor relations. Results of a research of employees of the industrial enterprises (workers and executives) are given in this article. Authors investigate expressiveness at them various characteristics of professional burning out, is studied what koping-strategy are most characteristic of them and also the interrelation of characteristics of professional burning out with the used koping-strategy looks.

Ключови думи:

Professional burning out, emotional burning out, kopingstrategy, professional burning out at workers, professional burning out at the industrial enterprise.


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