Интегративные подходы в современной практической психологии – методика мари как комплексный инструмент диагностики и консультирования

Елена Короткина Мария Данилина


The article deals with the current trends in the integration of methodological approaches in theoretical and practical psychology. In the applied aspect the MARI technique is considered as a research and transformation technique. The structure of the method is described, the characteristics of the stimulus material and interpretations are given, the mechanism of the method as a research technique and psychocorrection tool is revealed. The article deals with the concept of archetype and symbol in the context of research and Advisory work. The substantiation of the technique as an integrative tool that allows to overcome the faults in the psychological knowledge at the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal levels in terms of the integrative methodology of Yurevich.

Ключови думи:

modern psychology, integration, integrative methodology, complex research of personality, symbol, archetype, MARI Test.


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