Имената на улиците и площадите в България като допълнителен ресурс за културния туризъм (На примера на градовете Пловдив и Варна)

Пело Михайлов


The main focus of the article is the street names (hodonyms) as well as the names of the squares (agoronyms) in Bulgaria, which are presented as an additional source for cultural tourism. It is being revealed why and how they can become a strong motive for visits by foreign tourists. An interesting theme among all is the names of the streets and squares named after famous foreigners through toponyms (oiconyms, horonyms, hidronyms, oronyms) outside the Bulgarian current borders, as well as with the use of chrononyms. The classification of the hodonyms and the agoronyms created by the Bulgarian onomasts was also examined. Plovdiv and Varna were given as an example of tourist centers in the article. The hodonyms and the agoronyms in these two cities named after famous foreigners or toponyms are grouped according to the nationality of the eponyms. In addition, exemplary routes that can be created on the basis of existing names were identified.

Ключови думи:

hodonyms, agoronyms, cultural tourism, Plovdiv, Varna.


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