Димитър Ралчов в историята на българската ономастика

Димитър Маринов


The paper examines the topic of the role and place of Dimitar Ralchov in the history of Bulgarian onomastics. Prosopographic information about this remarkable Bulgarain is provided. He was one of the first statesmen of Bulgaria after the Liberation that very conscientiously and professionally implemented the administrtive replacement of the Turkish settlement names with Bulgarian ones in Dobrudzha. To achieve this objective D. Ralchov appointed a Committee of linguists, lawyers, historians, geographers and others. Their activities were in compliance with the old names, geography, historical events, specifics, prominent Bulgarians, etc. “The beginning” in Bulgarian onomastic science certainly needs elucidation of the work of such valuable “importer” in the Bulgarian onomastic fund as Dimitar Ralchov.

Ключови думи:

Dimitar Ralchov, history of Bulgarian onomastics, prosopography, settlement names, Committee of linguists, lawyers, historians, geographers.


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