Фонетические особенности адаптации христианских имен в марийском языке

Александр Пустяков


This article deals with the forms of Christian names used by Marispeaking people in the Middle Volga region. It provides a general picture of the phonetic modifications made in Mari versions of Russian Christian names when they were adopted. At the beginning of article information is given on Russian-Mari contacts and the development of the Orthodox religion on Mari territory. The author reveals phonetic mechanisms of adaptation, which enabled Christian names to be integrated into the onomastic system of the Mari language. The data of adopted personal names used in analysis is not exhaustive; it does, however, allow one to show certain phonetic inflections in adopted names. Part of the phonetic modifications are systematic and some appear inconsistent while even others can be taken as individual cases.

Ключови думи:

Mari language, anthroponymy, Christian names, phonetic adaptation, Russian-Mari contacts.


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