Handschriftliche Quellen aus alten privaten Bibliotheken als Fundus der onomastischen Forschung am Beispiel von Bibliotheca Zalusciana

Anna Just


The aim of the paper is to present German-speaking handwritten resources of the former Załuski Library as material for onomastic research. Today there are more than 1000 German-language manuscripts of the old Załuski library. They represent a variety of subject sections as theology, history, philosophy, medicine or geography. Manuscripts of the last mentioned group are a valuable source in the research on toponyms, all the more so as some of them have never been printed and they exist only as a single manuscript. They include a detailed description of the regions with the typical names for the time of their origin, often in two or more languages.

Ключови думи:

Bibliotheca Zalusciana, manuscript, onomastics, toponymy, trip description, geographical description


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