Урбаноніми у рекламних текстах фармацевтичних препаратів як джерело вивчення історії міста Одеси

Свiтлана Насакiна


The article deals with the functioning of urbanonyms in pharmaceuticals advertising texts. The purpose of the article is the defining the specifics of the urbanonyms functioning in pharmaceuticals advertising texts. It is presented a brief description of urbanonyms in different historical periods. It is proved that urbanonyms serve as the additional source of historical documents, they promote disclosure of advertising text’s ideas. It is rather nominally created urbanonyms classification in pharmaceuticals advertising texts, according to which the following urbanonyms groups are presented: 1) outstanding persons in Odessa or the country; 2) the names of other cities; 3) the names of nations; 4) famous scientists, 5) writers. It is eliminated nominative, information and advertising, cultural and symbolic functions of urbanonyms in pharmaceuticals advertising texts.

Ключови думи:

urbanonym, pharmaceuticals, advertising texts, proper names.


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