Мікротопоніми та живопис: точки дотику

Наталiя Сокил-Клепар


This article analyzes microtoponyms’ names as elements of artistic paintings of Ukrainian artists of the XX–XXI centuries. There are revealed the main problems of onomastic terminology, coupled with the nomination of spiritual and material heritage of the Ukrainian people. The main emphasis is made on the names of the Ukrainian Carpathians microscopic objects. To nominate paintings Ukrainian artists often use microtoponyms for a clearer localization of a depicted area. Discovered common features of microtoponyms, especially in art and figurative painting. Microtoponyms and paintings embody national values above all spiritual, so have the emotional and aesthetic, suggestive, informative and other features. The names of such pictures on the structural level are both single- and multi-component. Reasoning base of microtoponyms is mainly orographic, hydrographic and dendrological terms that naturally follows from the description of the mountain environment. Explained series of similar paintings by various authors and found that the same locus can be presented to viewers in different ways. This stems from the author’s vision of the object, landscape lay the symbolic subtext. Knowledge of etymology, semantic and motivational elements of names of art paintings significantly expand the horizon of emotional and intellectual perception of pictures.

Ключови думи:

artyonim, microtoponym, painting.


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