Інтертекстуальна онімна парадигма в інтерпретації вічних образів та сюжетів (на матеріалі драм Ж. Б. Мольєра, О. С. Пушкіна, Лесі Українки)

Oлександра Немировская Свiтлана Форманова

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In the article the comparative analyses of the functioning of onyms in the works devoted to image interpretation of Don Juan. The study of language and stylistic tools in comparative aspect proves cross intertextuality is conceptual images and stories, their universal significance. Revealed common and different features onym intertextual paradigm of dramatic works Zh.B.Molyer, A. S. Pushkin, Lesia Ukrainka. The article deals with functional and stylistic features of the role of onyms – components onym paradigm in the works with identical story, written at different times. Onym space all studied the works caused theme, idea, plot, ideological orientation dram; it is a means of character, styling narrative, artistic way to create chronotope and disclosure of the author’s conception. The main character in all studied the works is unchanged4 number of other characters range varies according anthroponymy amount used. Other components onym paradigm – toponyms with function like stage directions (Lesya Ukrainka) and in the language of the actors (A.S.Pushkin, Zh.B.Molyer, Lesia Ukrainka). The toponyms perform its main task – creating art works and the space of the certain national colors. The toponymic fields form a striking association parallel and contrasting opposition; they are rich expressive. Most branched is right toponimic in the drama Lesi Ukrainki, which is actively involved in the creation of equal artistry. The investigation lead to the conclusion about the similarity onym paradigm dramatic works, which are based on the story of Don Juan. Individual differences in onym dramas structure caused by the deployment of the scene of action, the author’s conception of the work. The analyses confirms purposeful hard work of masters of artistic expression of linguistic and stylistic parameters of their work, onym coordination of all components in the context of artistic microcosm according to its idea.

Ключови думи:

intertextual onym paradigm, onym space, onym structure, toponimic field, anthroponyms, place names, images and stories of the world, artistic microcosm.


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