Завещанието на търговеца на мебели и продуктите със странни имена

Цвета Добрева


One of the main functions of the names is to create an identity, to make a differentiation and to give a sense of uniqueness. A similar impulse makes the founder of the company Ikea, Ingvar Kamprad, to name each of his products mainly with Swedish names. For this reason the variety of product names in Ikea cannot be considered outside the “Ikea concept”. To understand the answers to the questions Why the products have names? What is the principle of their choice? How often do they change? the reader should get acquainted with the philosophy of the company presented in nine points in the will of its founder. This article is a part of the thesis “The Product Names of Ikea – A Tradition in Development, Onomastic Research. “

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product name, concept


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