Образи на големия град в три постмодерни английски романа

Елка Симеонова


The paper “IMAGES OF THE METROPOLIS IN THREE POSTMODERN ENGLISH NOVELS” deals with the following texts: Money by Martin Amis, The Child in Time by Ian McEwan, and Ghosts by Eva Fidges. The purpose is to show similarities, as well as differences, in the treatment of some burning issues of the postmodernist urban environment, such as stress, violence, pollution, overpopulation, loneliness, lack of control, poverty, etc. In all three texts, these aspects of postmodernity are closely related to identity problems and the dissolution of the subject to the point of dehumanization or near annihilation. Nevertheless, McEwan and Figes establish some grounds for a more or less optimistic vision of the possibility for reconstruction of the self on the basis of reconciliation. The apocalyptic vision and the sense of inevitability seem to be most insistent in Amis’s novel.

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