Има ли ръжда в Стария завет?

Мони Алмалех


Mony Almalech comments the fact that in the Old Testament the Hebrew word heled is never used in its primary meaning rust but in its different meanings (age, world, time). From the root of heled are derived the proper names Helday and Haluda. Their implicit meaning is ‘a person who is red haired‘. The single use of rust in the Old Testament is in Ezekiel, 24. Ezekiel prefers to express for a symbol of sins the Hebrew word hela translated as rust. The root of hela denotes ‘sickness, disease, illness; be or become sick, weak, diseased, grieved, sorry‘. Ezekiel, 24 presents the single description of the Hell in the Old Testament as a place of fire where the sins (hela) are melted. Short comparison is made between the Old Testament term for rust to the New Testament Greek terms for rust.

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