Креативное мышление и проектная форма организации в условиях культурных различий

Данил Башмаков


The paper focuses on the problem of the influence of thinking on organizational activities in the context of their cultural conditionality. The author contrast rational and creative type of thinking shows their different focus on the result and attitude to them in different cultures, identifies the distinctive properties of creative thinking – a combination of the existing ideas, a variety of the points of view and formulation of contradictions. The main objective of work is to find ways to display the features of creative thinking in the methodology of the organization of the project form of activity. Based on the goals-and-methods matrix, a classification of creative projects with different sets of planning tools is proposed. In conclusion, from positions of the theory of perspective as a worldview characteristic that determines cultural differences, the substantiation of the acceptability of creative forms of thinking and activity in Orthodox culture, is given.

Ключови думи:

creative thinking, projects, creative destruction, cross-disciplinary planning, metaphor, reverse perspective.


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