Триизмерно изследване на винения пазар

Илиян Георгиев


The paper explores trends in the wine market in Bulgaria, by geographic areas (continents) and worldwide. On the basis of a graphical, regression and structural analysis of data from 2000 to 2017, describing the production, export and consumption of wine, leading dependencies and tendencies have been derived. On the Bulgarian wine market for the studied period, only negative trends have been presented in the three mentioned subject areas. This is typical of the whole continental Europe, where they have reported clear downward trends in production and consumption, while export has increased slowly in the time series, but structurally also reported a decrease compared to 2000. As a result of these analyzes, the most promising markets are outlined that will continue to develop in the future. There are possible solutions at the management and state level, contributing to the development of the wine sector in the future.

Ключови думи:

wine production, wine export, wine consumption, regression analysis, market analysis in Bulgaria, geographic areas and world scale.


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