Territorial Entities’ Investment Policy in Implementation of Long-Term Development Projects

Alexey A. Sokolov

Страници: 7-14


The relevance of this topic is due to the creative nature of investment attraction activities in order to ensure the development of the country and regions. The importance of the problem is in the presence of obstacles in the way of building an attractive economic system in terms of investment inflows, creating conditions that encourage investors to invest in Russia. The purpose of research based on the generalization of theoretical material of various sources and analysis of Rosstat database, to characterize the development of investment processes in Russia, to determine the patterns of changes in the dynamics of investment indicators and the factors causing the activity of participants in investment activities in Russian regions. The research was conducted using scientific methods: abstraction, analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction. The result showed that the activity of the Russian regions in the investment area is characterized by dependence on the level of overall economic development, although this relationship is a two-way. In conclusion, it was concluded that the creation of favorable conditions for the development of investment activities and its active support by the federal and regional authorities is necessary. It is advisable to offer to continuously improve legislation in the field of investment activity, to pursue a more flexible policy of financing investment and innovative projects, especially at the early stages of their development. This is the key to successful planning and implementation of projects aimed at strengthening the sovereignty of the state and improving the quality of life of citizens in new Russia.

Ключови думи:

Investments; Project Implementation; Long-Term Development of the Country; Investment Activity.


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