Impact of Training Programs on Employees’ Performance: Case Study on Afghanistan’s Telecommunication Companies

Ahmad Mujtaba Ahmadi

Страници: 15-23


Employees are playing the major role in any organization, as they are the assets of the company, thus the company’s success depending on the employees’ activeness and their performance. As it is obvious that the company or the organization must invest on effective training on their employees in order to grow up the job performance. The Human Resource Management is the research area, which conducted many research and surveys especially on the factors of training and developing programs on Employees performance. The purpose of this study is to investigate and measure the effects of training programs on Employees performance in Afghanistan’s Telecommunication Companies as a case study. Four objectives were developed in order to understand the study aim. This study is based on four case studies of the biggest Telecommunication companies, which currently they are operating in Afghanistan. A quantitative research was implemented which the data are collected through the questionnaires by approaching 18 questions that distributed to 61 respondents within those four companies employees’. As a result, to findings the resourceful and active Human Resource Managers with respect to the decision makers of the Telecom companies. With respect to Training and development results with optimal utilization of resources in a company or organization. There is no wastage of resources, which may cause extra expenses. Accidents are also reduced during working. All the machines and resources are used economically, reducing expenditure. This case study mainly tangled 4 Telecommunication companies survey (private/Public) sectors, in Afghanistan and the duration of completion of the research was conducted within 6 months period. The questionnaires were distributed to the 61 active employees’ of those telecom companies. mostly the respondents of the questionnaire were from HR, Admin, Training Development teams and technical departments, the data was analyzed through AMOS version 20 and Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) Version 20.

Ключови думи:

Employee; Productivity; Training; Development programs; Performance; Evaluation.


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