Черният квадрат – от Але до Малевич

Александър Гьошев


The study observes some of the most important details hidden in Kazimir Malevich’s abstract painting “Black Square on a White Background” (1915). Of central concern for the more adequate understanding of this intriguing piece of art is the tracking of its supposed relationship with the work of Alfons Alle – French writer known for his extravagant style and ideas. The differences between Alle’s painting entitled “Negroes Fighting in a Cellar at Night” and Malevich’s composition, both sharing similar themes, are analyzed in their specific historical and cultural context. Finally, there is a hypothesis about “Black Square on a White Background” as a work marked with a psychological projection that unfolds itself through the dark figure of the square, as an iconic image that still has an impact on the contemporary art and may serve as a key to some symbols of the present.

Ключови думи:

Casimir Malevich, Alfons Alle, abstract art, mental projection, dark figure, quadruple, square.


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