Художници, рисуващи Балчик. Морският град като източник на вдъхновение за българските художници през ХХ век

Силвия Басева


The immense interest that architecture has on bulgarian artists justifies its place among our paintings. One of the prime locations, which inspired artists to draw architecture is Balchik. By following the compositions, inspired by our seaside town, we can discover representatives of all the generations of bulgarian artists, including some of the most renowned names. The inextinguishable interest in Balchik is a phenomenon in itself. The dispersed combination of vegetation in an urban environment, along with the close proximity of the sea, gives many opportunities for establishing artistic goals, determined by the nature and attitude of the individual painter. The picturesque nook of Bulgaria provokes creativity and leads to diverse artistic achievements. As a result, we possess a qualitative and various arrangements of art pieces, which give a strong foundation for assessment and artistic analysis. The development of landscapes with a Balchik-inspired subject throughout the years is demonstrative of the improvement of painting in Bulgaria, including some of the most influential and original bulgarian artists.

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