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Взаимодействие между зрител и обект при минимализма

Илко Николчев

Страници: 95-101


With the emergence of abstract art, the process of communication between the work and the viewer changes. The artists take advantage of other means of expression to influence the viewer’s mind. They are of a new nature; they are the carriers of new visual and social messages. The minimalists strive to break down the traditional notions of art and to eliminate the differences between painting and sculpture by focusing on creating three-dimensional objects. The meaning of the object is not essential, but the essence is the interaction of the viewer with the object. There is a new emphasis on the physical space in which the works are located. This is the reason to investigate these processes. The text analyzes the main features of minimalism, distinguishing them from the previous trends in visual arts. The theoretical and practical contributions of some of the founding authors of this movement, such as Frank Stella, Robert Morris, Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Richard Serra and their signature works characterized by the viewer’s inclusion in the space of the site. Researchers of minimalism, highlighting the research problem, subject of the article, are quoted.

Ключови думи:

minimalism, interaction, viewer, space, object, three dimensions.


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