Нихилизъм, реализъм, роман

Владимир Сабоурин


This article deals with the genealogy of literary realism. Its origins are shown to be rooted in the down of modern nihilistic experience located in the community of Spanish conversos in the period from the end of XV to the beginning of XVII century, in which also the picaresque novel emerges as a distinctive expression of the converso-experience. The article dwells on the definition of realism by Hugo Friedrich and Hans Blumenberg who focus on the notion of reality as resistance (Widerstand) to man’s being-in-theworld. This new notion of reality is related to the instauration of the institution of the Holly Inquisition in 1478 which leads among conversos to a radical devaluation of the linear temporal model of orientation and to a experience of modernity as a catastrophe in permanence.

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