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Експериментът „Обличани рокли“. Представяне на артистична концепция

Галина Цветкова

Страници: 177-179


“Worn Dresses” is realized as a creative experiment in 2017 at “Radikalno” hall of department “Sculpture” at The University of Veliko Tarnovo. Technically speaking the project is a continuation and development of an author’s method, which has been set and elaborated since 2007 till now. Inspired by elements of collage art, this technique offers unlimited abilities for an interpretation of shaping and spatial models. The conception “Worn Dresses” is a combination of two basic creational ideas. The first one is a synthesis of the subject matter content and the architectonics of visual objects viewed by a precise combination of practical and real social dimensions. The second one aims to create a united literary image of the exhibition, which itself without any negative context, translates the item “absence” as a condition of the dualistic character of Nature. In ability to realize the sensible insight which generates “absence” and “presence” as aims to affirm not just the physical essence of a human, but the humanity in the artistic fact. The experiment is an original shaping solution, an aspect of spatial relationships and author’s intrusion in between the intersection of a piece of art and audience.

Ключови думи:

еxposition, artistic conception, “Worn Dresses”, creative experiment, author’s method, collage art, interpretation


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